The Shepherd Society Named Awards

We gratefully acknowledge members of The Shepherd Society who show their support with a named gift.  The following awards are given to Shepherd School students on the basis of outstanding achievement. Funding for the 2013–2014 awards is provided by existing endowments and by the contributions of The Shepherd Society during the 2012–2013 academic year.

Principal Orchestral Chair Guarantors

Anne and Charles Duncan
Concertmaster Chair
Eric Gratz, violin

Annette and Hugh Gragg
Principal Chair in Cello
Bing Wei, cello

Margaret Pack
Principal Chair in Horn
Pledged endowment

Charlotte A. Rothwell
Principal Chair in Keyboard
Satoko Hayami, piano chamber music

Special Use Endowments
The Aleko Endowed Master Class
Sviatoslav Richter Fund for Music Outreach
Given by Marilyn Marrs Gillet

Margaret C. Pack Language Institute for Singers

Dr. Jann Benson Endowed Fund
Pledged endowment

Deschko Family Lectureship in Music
Given by Halina Deschko Turner

H. Russell Pitman Fund for Excellence in Opera
Pledged endowment

Robert James Smouse Endowed Fund

Samuel W. and Goldye Marian Spain Fund for Excellence in Opera
Pledged endowment

Endowed Scholarships
Sallie Shepherd Perkins Prize for Best Achievement
Calvin Griffin, voice

Nancy and William Akers Endowed Scholarship in Music
Jeffrey Nesrsta, bassoon

J. D. Bucky and Cynthia V. Allshouse Endowed Scholarship
Aaron Perdue, flute

Ralph A. Anderson Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Jarita Ng, viola

The Appassionata Endowed Scholarship in Music
Scott McCreary, cello

Bill Arhos ‘57 Endowed Scholarship in Cello
Maxwell Geissler, cello

Leo W. and Frances C. Atkinson Memorial Scholarship in Voice
Rachel Sigman, voice
Given by Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Anderson

Fredric J. Attermeier Endowed Scholarship in Percussion
Andrew Keller, percussion

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Barrow Endowed Scholarship in Cello
Antoinette Gan, cello

Cecilia Bartoli Endowed Scholarship
Allegra De Vita, voice

Joe Anne Berwick ’44 Endowed Scholarship in Music
Pledged endowment

Edward J. and Frances Bing Memorial Scholarship
Matthew Edquist, voice
Katherine Smith, voice

Ann and John Bookout Endowed Scholarship in Piano
Christopher McKiggan, piano

Borschow Family Endowed Scholarships in Voice, Violin, Cello and Piano
Pledged endowment

Dorothy K. Brockman Endowed Scholarship in Voice
Rafael Moras, voice

Emma Pearl Byrne Endowed Scholarship
Michael Severance, bassoon
Given by Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Byrne

Dr. Mischa Caplan Endowed Scholarship in Music
Joshua Horne, horn

Margaret and Emory Carl Endowed Scholarship in Music
Heather Thomas, violin

Lawrence E. Carlton Prize in Opera
Nicholas Brownlee, voice

Alice Winston Carter Music Scholarship
Alexandra Krawetz, musicology

John Tsung-Chen Chao Scholarship
Sergein Yap, viola
Given by Mr. and Mrs. Albert Y. T. Chao

Paul and Christiane Cooper Prize in Composition
Christopher Walczak, composition

Edward A. Cowart Fellowship in Opera
Yekaterina Gruzglina, voice

Paul E. Craven Endowed Scholarship
Grace Thomas, piano

Jim and Molly Crownover Endowed Scholarship in Voice
Mark Diamond, voice

David Y. Cunningham Endowed Scholarship in Music
Pledged endowment

Denson Endowed Music Scholarship in Percussion
Lucas Sanchez, percussion

Robert H. and Mary S. Dix Endowed Scholarship
Pledged endowment

William Bayless Dobelman Memorial Scholarship
Christina Arroyo, voice
Given by Mrs. Katherine B. Dobelman

Elva Kalb Dumas Prize in Music
Rafael Moras, voice

Lillian H. Duncan Prize in Piano
Erik Lawrence, piano

H. Clayton Edwards Scholarship in Horn
Nathanael Udell, horn

Robin Elverson Endowed Scholarship in Music
Andrew Banzhaf, double bass

Walter C. “Buddy” English Endowed Scholarship in Piano
Lidia Geabou, piano

Mary Louise Embry Estill Scholarship
Jessica Goldbaum, bassoon
Given by Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Estill

J. Thomas and Nancy Moore Eubank Endowed Scholarship in Voice
Arielle Carrara, voice

George K. Evans Organ Scholarship
Monica Czausz, organ

Kenneth Fitzgerald Endowed Scholarship in Trumpet
Philip Hembree, trumpet

Renée Fleming Endowed Scholarship in Voice
Anna Englander, voice

Raphael Fliegel Endowed Scholarship in Violin
Qiyao Yang, violin
Given by Karin Fliegel Jameson and Nick Jameson

Armando Ghitalla Endowed Scholarship in Music
David Sedgwick, trumpet

Frederick R. Gibbons and Lorraine Duffy Gibbons Scholarship
Michael Ging, organ

Jack and Linda Gill Scholarship
Emily Nebel, violin

Gill Foundation Scholarship
Richard Marshall, piano

William E. and Elva F. Gordon Scholarship
Kaitlyn Johnson, voice

John and Mary Ellen Graham Endowed Scholarship
Wei Wang, oboe

Michael Hammond Endowed Scholarship
Qingfan Jiang, musicology
Given by Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Hudspeth

Michael P. Hammond Memorial Scholarship in Music
Ryan Rongone, trombone

Alice Hanchett Memorial, Family- Endowed Scholarship
Benjamin Krause, composition
Given by Burnham and Joan C. Terrell

Erwin and Emily Heinen Prize in Music
Monica Czausz, organ

Hewlett-Packard Company Scholarship
Zachary Gauvain, clarinet

Hines Endowed Scholarship in Music
Horng-Ann Liang, violin

The Winifred and Maurice Hirsch Memorial Scholarship
Philip Marten, violin

Emmamae Horn Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Marie-Elyse Badeau, viola

Katie Walter Hubert Scholarship
Abigail Lindig, voice

Lynne and Joe Hudson Endowed Scholarship in Voice
Cristina Curzon, voice

Carl and Lillian Illig Scholarship
Ryan Fox, viola

Jackson-Willcutts Family Endowed Fund in Music
Pledged endowment

Henry and Betty Jackson Scholarship
Philippa Jarvis, violin

Mary Gibbs Jones Endowed Scholarship
Viktor Valkov, piano
Given by Houston Endowment, Inc.

Kinder Foundation Endowed Scholarship in Music
Geoffrey Herd, violin

Mary Root Kirkland Prize in Voice
Teresa Procter, voice

Janey and Melvin Lack Shepherd School Endowed Scholarship
Eugeniu Ceremus, violin

Helen Lawrence-Toombs Scholarship in Music
Hector Melicoff Rosso, piano

Gwendolyn Jaster Lederer Scholarship in Piano
Yvonne Chen, piano

Thomas F. Littman ’77 Endowed Scholarship
Pledged endowment
Given by Rosemarie Littman and John and Robin Littman

Larry J. Livingston Prize in Violin
Boson Mo, violin
Given by Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Hudspeth

Robert L. Lohse Memorial Scholarship in Music
Shane Monds, composition
Bertha Mallard Scholarship for Music Composition
Daniel Knaggs, composition

Jay and Shirley Marks Endowed Scholarship
Brandon Bell, percussion

Marian Fox Martel Scholarship in Piano
Makiko Hirata, piano

Heather Donald Mayor Endowed Scholarship in Opera Studies
Pledged endowment
Given by Diana and Russell Hawkins

Elaine and Jerry McCleskey Endowed Scholarship in Piano
Samuel Dharma, piano

Gary Mercer Endowed Scholarship
Pledged endowment

Steven and Sheila Miller Foundation Orchestral Scholarship
Robert Cornelison, bassoon

George R. Miner Jr. ’50 Endowed Scholarship in Music
Xiaodi Liu, oboe

Paula Meredith Mosle Endowed Scholarship in Music
Francesca McNeeley, cello

Marilyn T. Mountain Endowed Scholarship
Matthew Lengas, oboe

Willie M. Muery Scholarship
Lindsey Pietrek, percussion

Dr. Joseph A. and Ida Kirkland Mullen Scholarships for Advanced Study
Xin Liu, violin
Brandon Mason, double bass

Edward K. Muraski Endowed Scholarship in Voice
Gloria Palermo, voice

Gary Smith and Jim Murdaugh Endowed Scholarship in Music
Pledged endowment

Daraugh Anne Myers-Turner Endowed Scholarship in Music
Stephanie Mientka, viola
Given by Mr. William R. Turner

Joan Adams Crain Nelson Music Scholarship
Renaud Boucher-Browning, double bass
Given by Mr. H. Joe Nelson III

Richard E. Norris Endowed Fund
Melissa Wilmot, violin

Becky and Ralph S. O’Connor Artist Diploma Fellowship
Chabrelle Williams, voice

Haylett O’Neill Jr. and Kate Patton O’Neill Endowed Scholarship
Amulet Strange, flute

M. Kenneth and Barbara Oshman Endowed Scholarship in Voice
Pledged endowment

Itzhak Perlman Endowed Scholarship in Violin
Lijia Phang, violin

Sara Meredith Peterson Scholarship
Daniel Wang, viola
Given by Mr. and Mrs. Jon L. Mosle, Jr.

Clarence Jefferson Prim Prize in Percussion
Colin Ryan, percussion

Burt Duke Raiza Prize in Piano
Yurie Farnsworth, piano

Herbert B. Rogers Jr. Scholarship in Piano
Judy Park, piano

Charlotte A. Rothwell Endowed Scholarship
Zhu Zhu, piano

Taylor Kyle and Nora Scarborough Flack Scholarship
Stephen Houck, trombone

The Schissler Foundation Endowed Scholarship
David Roorda, voice

Schumann Brothers Fund for Creative Expression
Pledged endowment

Kathryn Daily Segner Scholarship
Yuri McCoy, organ

Rex Shanks Jr. Memorial Music Scholarship
Eric Fegan, composition

Samuel Morris Slack Music Scholarship
Everett Burns, horn

Samuel W. and Goldye Marian Spain Endowed Scholarship in Music
Pledged endowment

Levi (Le) A. Stark Endowed Fund in Piano
Daphne Honma, piano

Dorothy Richard Starling Foundation Scholarships in Violin
Tianjie Lu, violin
Niccolo Muti, violin
Kevin Zheng, violin

Solon E. Summerfield Foundation Scholarship
Aleks Savitski, composition

Phyllis Burnell and Garrett Rezeau Tucker Endowed Scholarship in Music
Emily Klein, harp

Tudor Family Endowed Scholarship in Strings
Pledged endowment
Given by Phoebe and Bobby Tudor

Francese Moran Tusa Endowed Scholarship
Daniel Kopp, cello

William H. Vernor Jr. Scholarship
Benjamin Stoehr, cello

Logan C. and Ione G. Waterman Scholarship
Aaron Conitz, viola

André Watts Scholarship
Hui Shan Chin, piano
Given by Ms. Charlotte A. Rothwell

André Watts Endowed Scholarship
Alison Lee, piano

Clara Wieck Endowed Scholarship in Piano
Pledged endowment
Given by Geraldine Smith Priest ’51

Abigail Diane Dalton Williams Endowed Scholarship
Scott Cuellar, piano

Dorothy Lottman Williams Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Eric Hennies, trumpet

Mary Ellen and Dick Wilson Endowed Scholarship in Music
Clara Yang, cello

Eula and David Wintermann Scholarship
Christiano Rodrigues, violin

Wolff-Toomim Foundation Endowed Scholarship
Michelle Black, violin

Helen S. Worden Scholarship in Music
Nathan Cunningham, tuba

Sam P. and Helen S. Worden Endowed Scholarship
Danielle Lombardi, voice
Robert A. Yekovich Endowed
Scholarship in Music
Nicholas Davies, clarinet
Given by Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Hudspeth and Robert and Michele Yekovich

Suzanne M. Mitchell and Richard Zansitis Student Advancement Fund
Pledged endowment

Full-tuition Scholarships
John E. Guida Foundation Full-tuition Scholarships
Andrew McCormick, trumpet
Kelly Zimba, flute

The Shepherd School of Music Distinguished Fellowships in Violin
Kuan-yu Chen, violin
Andrea Jarrett, violin
Anastasia Sukhopara, violin


Roger W. Bollinger
Special-use gift

Mark and Suzanne Bond Anderson Scholarship
Daryl Robinson, organ

The Cullen Trust for the Performing Arts
Special-use gift

Kenneth M. Fitzgerald Scholarship
Gabriel Slesinger, trumpet

The Humphreys Foundation Scholarship
Frances Collins, voice

Immanuel & Helen B. Olshan Foundation, Inc.
Special-use gift

Gloria Portela and Richard Evans
Special-use gift

The Virginia and L. E. Simmons Foundation Scholarship
Kayla Burggraf, flute

Dorothy Richard Starling Foundation Scholarships in Violin
Anthony Bracewell, violin
Eva Dove, violin
Alex Gonzalez, violin
Kaori Matsui, violin
Ben Odhner, violin
Yi Zhao, violin

Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Blair Grant
Yeojin Joo, violin

Billie Dalton Grant
Caroline Ewan, violin

Linda and Frank Driskill Grant
Naomi Benecasa, cello

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hanna Grant
Nicolas Chona, clarinet

David and Andrea Hayes Grant
Dorothy VanDine, organ

James P. and Renee T. Hennessy Grant
Nina DeCesare, double bass

John and Lindy Rydman Grant
Rachel Li, viola

Louisa Stude Sarofim Grant
Coleman Itzkoff, cello

Alice and Terry Thomas Grant
James Blanchard, flute

Mr. and Mrs. Jack S. Blanton, Sr. Award
Joshua Halpern, cello

Laura Botkin Memorial Award
Samuel Gavenman, voice

Sandra Brunow and Michael Cooper Award
Michael Ehrenkranz, double bass

Minnie and Ed Cappel Award
Alexander Clouse, composition

W. Michael Carter Award
Andrew Du Comb, horn

Katherine B. Dobelman Award
Dean Georgeton, percussion

Cheryl and Andrew Fossler Award
Bailey Firszt, viola

Eileen Bowie George Memorial Award
Rhea Chung, violin

Clare A. Glassell Award
Chelsea Sharpe, violin

Dr. Arthur Gottschalk Award
Nigel Deane, composition

Huey W. Huang, Ph.D. Award
Lucas Button, cello

Bridget L. Jensen Award
Brendan McMullen, composition

Elizabeth and Albert Kidd Award
Jill Valentine, viola

Pat J. and James P. Landers Award
Natalie Gaynor, violin

Thomas Frederich Littman ’77 Memorial Award
Michael Fuller, double bass

Marilyn G. Lummis Award
Kelly Mozeik, oboe

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Mann Award
Jacqueline Kitzmiller, violin

Heather Mayor Memorial Award
Christina Pezzarossi, voice

John Meixner Memorial Award
Michelle Pan, oboe

Ginni and Richard Mithoff Award
Erik Wheeler, cello

Nancy and Lucian Morrison Award
Emily Moses, voice

Lillian Ortiz Award for Voice
Christian Sanders, voice

Maggie and Leon Polek Award
Sam Hooper, composition

Vicki West Award
Evan Hulbert, double bass

Dorothy and Mickey Ables Prize
Ariana Nelson, cello

Robert and Rachel Ames Prize
Nicholas Brownlee, voice

Lilly and Thurmon Andress Prize
Rosemary Salvucci, double bass

Susie Kelly Bace Prize
Richard Stiles, trombone

Richard Bado Prize
Samuel Waters, voice

Peggy and Bill Barnett Prize
Christen Sparago, flute

Lizinka M. Benton Prize
Martin Kapsch, double bass

Leslie D. Blanton Prize
Sophia Parente, oboe
Joe Brazzatti Prize
Edward Schenkman, viola

Raymond and Susan Brochstein Prize
Leah Nelson, violin

Carrie O’Bryan Callaway Prize
Sarah Arnold, violin

Nancy and Clint Carlson Prize
Ashley Pelton, viola

Robert J. and Nancy D. Carney Prize
Jorie Butler-Geyer, violin

Drs. Kevin and Janet Casey Prize
Courtney Silver, violin

Janet F. Clark Prize
Carson Marshall, violin

Robert L. Clarke Prize
Amanda Galick, flute

Sharon Crandell, M.D. Prize
Julian Nguyen, violin

Julie Crosswell Prize
Zoe Miller, violin

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Davis Prize
Carey Skinner, viola

Neal Diamond Memorial Prize
Rebecca Reale, violin

Mary S. Dix Prize
Shuo Li, bassoon

Eliza and Johnny Duncan Prize
Hope Cowan, harp

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Elias Prize
Clare Monfredo, cello

Arthur M. Faris, Jr., M.D. Prize
Samuel Almaguer, clarinet

Sidney Faust Prize
Spencer Park, horn

Jerry and Nanette Finger Prize
Jesse Clevenger, horn

Doug and Sarah Foshee Prize
Peter Garrett, cello

Neal and Catherine Gassman Prize
Shengyuan Zhou, piano chamber music

David and Barbara Jenkins Gibbs Prize
Gina Alice Ford, oboe

Mr. and Mrs. Melbern G. Glasscock Prize
Sean Gordon, bassoon
Gregory Hammond, trombone
Jacob Hanegan, cello
Gary Matz, double bass
Juyong You, clarinet

Dr. Margaret Ann Goldstein Prize
Khoren Ouzounian, piano chamber music

Wayne and Nancy Hanson Prize
George Goad, trumpet

Frank and Dorene Herzog Prize
Mary Edge, violin

Margaret and Melvin Hildebrandt Prize
Thomas Carpenter, cello

Frank E. Hood, Jr. Prize
Naomi Hoffmeyer, harp

David and Julie Itz Prize
Sean Krissman, clarinet

Mary Jennings Prize
Alexander Kovling, horn

Robert Judd and Cristle Collins Judd Prize
Titus Underwood, oboe

Paul Kantor Prize
Natalie Lin, violin

Paul Kantor and Virginia Weckstrom Prize
Jordan Koransky, violin

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Kaplan Prize
Leah Craft, oboe

James and Rose Marie King Prize in Voice
Frederick Ballentine, Jr., voice

K. Terry and Carole Koonce Prize
Evelyn Hsu, piano

Lilian Kranitz Prize
Lin Ma, clarinet

Dr. Howard Leverett Prize
Yvonne Smith, viola

Cho-Liang and Deborah Lin Prize
Charlotte Nicholas, violin

Loewenstern Foundation Prize
Mary Box-Brabant, vocal coaching

Lucinda Loya Prize
Jun Young Cho, piano

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mach Prize
Madeleine Doyon-Robitaille, trombone

Beth Madison Prize
Elizabeth Gautsche, voice

The Rodney H. and Judy E. Margolis Foundation Prize
Caleb Quillen, double bass

Matthew McCarthy Prize in Percussion
Emma Terrell, percussion

Barbara McCelvey Prize
Rudy Albach, double bass

Mary Hale McLean Prize
Seung-Eun Lee, piano chamber music

Burt and Deedee McMurtry Prize
William Gerlach, trumpet

Iris McWilliams Prize
Leah Gastler, viola

Helen F. Mintz Prize
Jing Duan, violin

Dr. and Mrs. William E. Mitch Prize
Sarah Bouse, vocal coaching

The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation Prize
Jing Zheng, violin

Gregory Montelaro and Steve Dekker Prize
Kevin Tompkins, violin

Fan and Peter Morris Prize
Rebecca Gu, viola

Marlene Mullenix Prize
Yuri McCoy, organ

Dot and Rick Nelson Prize
Chi Lee, viola

Katharine and Stephen Newman Prize
Isaac Schultz, bassoon

Nancy and Robert Peiser Prize
Jenaesha Iwaasa, cello

Michael Pewitt Prize
Emma Wine, composition

Mr. and Mrs. Risher Randall Prize
Charles Paul, double bass

Tommy and Isla Reckling Prize
Elisabeth Tula, harp

Lynn Russell Prize
Special-use gift

H. Irving Schweppe, Jr., M.D. Prize
Grace Lim, piano

Nicolas Shumway and Robert Mayott Prize
Anna Han, piano

Georgene and Walter Sickles Memorial Prize
Daniel Tavani, cello

Camille D. Simpson Prize
August Ramos, double bass

Dr. and Mrs. C. Richard Stasney Prize
Cristina Curzon, voice

Neal Tannahill Prize
Markus Osterlund, horn

Patricia Thayer Prize
Benjamin Francisco, cello

Mr. and Mrs. J. Paul Tidwell Prize
Ryo Kaneko, piano

Jane Ann and Jasper Welch Prize
Michael Ferri, violin

Karen and David White Prize
Megan Wright, viola

Sheridan and John Eddie Williams Prize
Laura Casarez, violin

Mr. and Mrs. D. Reed Wilson Prize
Giancarlo Latta, violin

Owen Wister Literary Society Alumnae Prize
Ling-Ling Huang, violin

Cyvia Wolff Prize
Jiayi Zheng, violin

Robert and Edith Zinn Prize
Mark Chien, violin

Additional support for the 2013–2014 academic year is provided by the following Shepherd Society members.

Curt and Lorraine Anastasio
William M. Arbaugh
Dr. Robert E. Bixby and Elizabeth Bixby
Pat Breen
Martha and Robert Cargill
F. Martin Caylor
Wayne and Elizabeth Davies
Jim Davis and Jan Buchholtz
Paul Ellison and Elisabeth Steves
Ann Faget
Eugene Fong
Karen and Larry George
Malcolm and Elizabeth Gillis
Mary Grace and Dennis Hamill
Marion S. Hargrove
David and Marilyn Hellums
Kathleen and Ivan Horne
Mi Chi and Gary Jensen
Jill and Dunham Jewett
Michael and Judy Johnson
Virginia and John Joiner
Linda and Richard Kendall
Sharon Ley Lietzow
Ellie W. Long
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Malinak
Mary Lynn and Stephen Marks
Patsy and Woods Martin
Mariquita Masterson
Diane McOmie
Rose Ann Medlin and William E. Joor III
Lawrence and Jane Miller
Suzanne M. Mitchell and Richard A. Zansitis
Betty Kelly Moore
Beverly and Staman Ogilvie
Rochelle and Sheldon Oster
Jennifer W. Overton
Jane and Ken Owen
Laura and Michael Puzio
Robert A. Schlanger
Pilar and Walter Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard C. Tallerine, Jr.
Clark and Mary Terrell
Shirley Trepel
Pieter and Janet Vrancken
Gipson Wells
Randall and Greta Wilkening
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Wilson
Jennifer R. Wittman
L. Fabian Worthing
Peggy J. Wylie

Eric S. Anderson and Susan L. Thompson
Lee and Bob Ardell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Arnett
Mary Petersen Attwell
Dr. and Mrs. Hans Ave Lallemant
Anne and Bob Baillio
Sue Barnum
Beirne, Maynard & Parsons, L.L.P.
Ron Borschow
Polly and Murry Bowden
Stephen and Sara Browning
Grace Grierson Bunch
Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Byrne
Marjorie H. Capshaw
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Cathcart
Marcia Citron and Mark Kulstad
Dr. William J. Coffey II
Scott and Carolyn Davis
David J. and Pamela Smith Devine
Brenda DeVore
Stan Druck
Nancy Dunlap
Lucas and Vicky Elliot
Aubrey Farb
Sharon K. Fortmeyer-Selan and Lawrence K. Selan
Cece and Mack Fowler
Friends of Rice International Graduate Students
Jerry and Martha Gallagher
James E. Gerhardt
Kenneth Goldsmith and Jo Anne Ritacca
Patricia and Ira Gruber
Joanie and Don Haley
Mary Hanahan
Carol and Charlie Herder
Janice L. Hewitt
Joe and Ann Hightower
Cecilia and Patrick Hobin
Dr. and Mrs. George Hon
Elsa and Roy Horlock
Dr. Jed Howard
Joanne and David Jackson
Colleen A. Jennings
Marcella Johnson
T. Robert Jones
Benjamin Kamins and Janet Rarick
Molly and Hugh Rice Kelly
Drs. Rebecca and John L. Kirkland
Terri and Thomas Klein
Mr. and Mrs. Jospeh T. Krafick
Veet and Nancy Kruka
Willy Kuehn
Andy Lang and Donna Drennen
Harriet and Truett Latimer
Tara and Jim Limmer
Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Lindsey
David Litowsky
Fran and Jerry Lowe
Randall and Kathleen Matthews
Ann Marie McCormick and Larry Altman
Michael and Onalee McEwen
Laura and Brad McWilliams
Matilda B. Melnick, M.D.
Anne and John Mendelsohn
Joseph M. Merrill
Herbert and Martha Mills
Ortrud L. Much
Evelyn Murphy
Alan and Elaine Mut
Claire Dwyer Nelson
Roy and Evelyn Nolen
Mr. and Mrs. William Buckner Ogilvie, Jr.
Margaret C. Pack
C. Michael Palmer
Paul Pearson and Jane Obradovic
Rex Pendley
Charles and Marjorie Peterman
Timothy Pitts and Kathleen Winkler
Ava Plummer
Dr. and Mrs. J. D. Ragan, Jr.
Marcia and Les Randall
Thomas and Kim-Kay Randt
Dr. and Mrs. John C. Ribble
Janice Robertson and Doug Williams
Hugh and Ann Roff
Bernie P. Romero
Sybil F. Roos
Drs. Alex and Lynn Rosas
Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Rosenbaum
Autrey Ross
Mr. and Mrs. C. Henry Roth
Peachy and Morton Rudberg
Jennifer Russell
Dr. Philip Samuels and Mrs. Elizabeth B. Samuels
Gus and Kay Schill
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Schmitt
Lee and Glenn Seureau
Dr. LeRoy and Adelle Shaw
Louis H. Skidmore, Jr.
Virginia and Daniel Steppe
Dave and Ruth Stevens
Drs. Heinrich and Gabriele Taegtmeyer
Lyda Vellekoop and Hilary Smith
Linda Mixa Walker
Norman and Arlene Weingarten
Davy Widjaja
Pippa Wiley
Dick and Mary Ellen Wilson
Richard and Johanna Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Woodhouse
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Woodruff
Dr. Roy Wylie
James F. Zrubek

Dr. and Mrs. Forrest Jack Agee
Jooyong and Suzanne Ahn
Doris J. Allen
Anne and German Amador
D. Kent and Linda C. Anderson
Natalye L. Appel and John J. Casbarian
Dr. and Mrs. Martin J. Arisco
Robert and Melissa Atherholt
Urvine and Alice Atkinson
Richard and Heather Avant
Mr. and Mrs. James K. Avera, Jr.
Mrs. Harriet M. Awapara
Rosemary Bach and Albert Valentas
Brendon J. W. Bailey
Richard Bailey
Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Baker
Allen and Kathy Barnhill
Margaret F. Barrow
Gary D. Barton
Gay and Bob Beamon
David and Carole Beerbower
Evan Bertrand
Susan Blevins
Jean and John C. Boehm
Jules Bohnn, M.D.
Pauline W. Bolton
Bob Frank Boydston
Dub and Suzanne Brooks
Katherine Tsanoff Brown
Priscilla T. Brown
Richard and Susan Brown
Terry Ann Brown
Dr. and Mrs. Michael O. Broyles
Helen S. Buckley
Rubena A. Buerger
Cindy and Larry Burns
J. Gavin Butler
Leone Buyse and Michael Webster
David and Maurine Bybee
Nancy Callaway and Robert H. Buchheit
Ross Carle
Lily Carrigan
Anne C. Carsey
Francis I. Catlin, M.D.
Katie and Mark Cervenka
Cecil Christensen
Bill Clayton and Virginia Smith
Donna Collins
Erin A. Connally
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Conner
Ken Cowan and Lisa Shihoten
Lynda Crist
Elizabeth and Steven Crowell
Robert J. Cruikshank
Scott Cutler
Helen B. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. Davis
Sam Davis and Priscilla Huston
Mr. and Mrs. Rapier Dawson
Carol A. Der Garry
Dr. Nicola Di Ferrante
Joaquin Diaz-Saiz
Debra Dickinson
Mr. and Mrs. W. Randy Dietel
Rudolf H. Dietter
Marilyn and Robert Dorries
Mrs. Wilfred S. Dowden
Katherine F. Drew
Jeff and Dawn Du Comb
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Dunn
Dr. and Mrs. Isaac Dvoretzky
Sally Echols
Nancy Edmonson and Charles Griffey
Paul F. Egner III
Doug and Sharon Ehrenkranz
David S. Elder and Melinda L. Snell
Ramsay M. Elder
Mr. and Mrs. David Engle
Karen and Steve Ewing
Experia LLC
Doug and Lynn Eyberg
James Farb
Judy and Craig Fecel
Mr. and Mrs. H. Bruce Finch
Dr. and Mrs. F. Joseph Fischer
Robert H. Floyd
Phyllis and John Freeman
A. Erin Furbee
Robert A. Furse, M.D.
Cantor Rebecca Garfein
James Garvey
Brendan and Martha Gau
John Gealy and Sondra Maxfield
Dr. Henry Geller and Mrs. Harriet L. Geller
Michael B. George
Wendy Germani
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Getz
Alasdair and Clara Gilchrist
Dr. and Mrs. Roy Gillick
William E. Gipson
Dr. Nancy L. Glass and Dr. John W. Belmont
Morris Glesby
Jose A. and Gisela A. Gonzalez
Mr. and Mrs. Herb Goodman
Harvey L. Gordon
Arthur and Shelley Gottschalk
Richard Grandy and Janice Bordeaux
Susie and Clark Gregg
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Griffin
H. Benjamin and Eva Gryk
Clay and Kamilla Guinn
Martha and Dewuse Guyton
Thalia Halen
Susan Arnoldy Hansen
Joyce Pounds Hardy
Amy Harr
James E. B. Harriss
Harry and Jane Hasenpflug
Dr. and Mrs. Charles B. Headrick
Hetta and Jesse Heath
Lawrence M. Hermes, Jr.
Margo S. Hibler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hickman
Sally and Hank Hilliard
Artie Lee Hinds
Eliana Hobbs
Sally D. Holland
Devin and Aylen Holum
Dr. and Mrs. Ernest M. Honig, Jr.
Jonathan and Eileen House
Mrs. Evelyn E. Howell
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Hudspeth
Carolyn and Harrell Huff
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hunter
Patricia Huyck
Karen Iglitzin
Toshio and Yumiko Itoh
Randy and Nancy Jirtle
Loretta and Jere Johnson
Sheila Kay Johnstone
Samuel and Kristin Jones
Stephanie Ann Jones
Dr. and Mrs. Paul H. Jordan, Jr.
Robert and Ruth Justice
Barbara and Raymond Kalmans
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Katz
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew H. Kean, Jr.
Harry and Cynthia Keir
Jerry and Cristina Kemper
Warren and Mary Kimbrell
James Kinsey
Dave and Laura Kirk
Lee and Riki Kobayashi
Dr. and Mrs. Michael F. Koehl
Clare Kotch
Evelyn McNeill Koudal
William E. Kozick, Jr.
Dr. Derrick John Kozub
Jeremy Kurtz-Harris
Dr. and Mrs. Jack C. Lee
Sylvia S. Levy
Bertel M. Lewis
Polly Lewis and Michael Pierson
Shen Liang
Mr. and Mrs. Emken Linton
Mr. and Mrs. Roy H. Lively, Jr.
Leslie Loddeke
Heide and Karl Loos
Don Looser, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Richard Luna
Joan E. H. Lyons
Daniel Manchester and Mary Dallao
David and Jessica Mansouri
William and Patricia Martin
Finita and Waldo Martinez
Richard P. and Barbara H. Massey
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Mawhinney, Jr.
Dr. Malcolm Mazow and Jackie Wolens Mazow
Milton and Gail McCollough
Thomas L. and Barbara McKittrick
John Meltzer
Mary M. Metz, M.B.E.
Larry and Catherine Meyer
Antonios Mikos and Lydia Kavraki
Suzanne S. Miller
Kristin Mills
Carolyn E. Mitchell
Dr. Eleanor D. Montague
Mr. and Mrs. James Moore
Pat and Elsie Moore
Yasuko S. Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin H. Mueller
Linda and Bill Murphy
Ms. Betty J. Oetjen
Nancy and Stacy Owen
The Honorable James A. Parker
Dr. Jon Kimura Parker and Ms. Aloysia C. Friedmann
Anne B. Pati
Wayne and Janie Patterson
Letitia and Horst Paul
Dr. Ian S. Pearce
Oliver and Beverly Pennington
Hector and Sandra Penoucos
Carrie and Al Pepi
Sara Meredith Peterson
Susan Peterson
H. Russell Pitman
Mr. Charles F. Platt and Dr. Carole Brooks Platt
Anthony T. Powderly
Bruce Power
Gloria and Joe Pryzant
Rob Quartel
Sylvia and Henry Rachford
H. deForest Ralph, Jr.
Luis and Virginia Rangel
Lila Rauch
Edna Renfrow-Brown
Beth and Robert Rivera
Debbie and Dale Robertson
Karen and Arthur Rogers
Regina Rogers
Reva J. Rohe
Virginia P. Rorschach
Elisabeth Rosenberg
William P. Rothwell
Ellis Rudy
Dr. and Mrs. Sigsby K. Rusk
Judy A. Rust
Ji Yong Ryu
Linda and Richard Salvucci
Philip Schneidau
Dr. and Mrs. Norman Schneidler
Anne Schnoebelen and John Meixner
Dr. and Mrs. R. J. Schroeder
Jon Selcer
Sue and Steve Shaper
Stuart A. Shapiro, M.D. and Richard Bezdek
Martha Thompson Sharpe
Bart and Diane Sinclair
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold M. Singer
Mr. and Mrs. Rocky R. Snyder
Deirdre and Roy Spann
Aaron Stambler and Elaine Miller
Myron F. Steves
Myron F. Steves, Jr. and Rowena Young
Martha and Bob Strawn
N. E. (Gene) and Dina Stucker
Mike Stude
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Sturm
Barbara L. Taylor
Iris and Anderson Todd
John J. Toomey
Bobby N. Torbert
Carol Touchy
Dr. and Mrs. E. Don Turner
Ernest J. Tye
Thomas C. Vance
Beatriz and Peter Varman
Susan Vaughan
Al Vera
Prof. and Mrs. William VerMeulen
Jing Wang
Edith S. Waxman
Gregg Webb
Douglas and Carolynne White
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. White
Sarah Whiting and Ron Witte
Barry and Judy Wilbratte
Carolyn Wildenthal
Lora Wildenthal
Marilyn Wilhelm
Betty Pollard Williams
Elizabeth D. Williams
Pamela Williams and David Dankworth
John E. Wolf, Jr., M.D.
Dr. and Mrs. Barry P. Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Wright, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Naibin Wu
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Zama
Marie Zinnante

High Society
Matthew and Treanor Baring
Doris Bedrossian Bobb
Patsy Burrow
Hang Dai
Kay and Dennis Duncan
Max Grossman
Mary M. Hoekel
Sherry Kraft
Paul Stevenson
R. Jeremiah Tumlin
Billie Webb

Dr. and Mrs. William W. Akers
David Alexander
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Allan
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Anderson
Mrs. Wallace L. Anderson
The Apollo Chamber Players
Mr. and Mrs. Vijay K. Arya
Kathleen M. Bacus
Mrs. William E. Baier, Jr.
Walter and Nancy Bailey
Iris L. Ballew
Helene Baskir
Alan H. Bath
Barbara Tregembo Bauer
Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Benjamin
Mrs. Marie Wallace Bennett
Berne R. Black
Ilve Brink-Button
Judy and Harry Bristol
H. L. and Mary Britton
Martha Lou Broussard
R. Edward Broussard, Sr.
Dottie Burge
Patricia and Charles Burgess
Jeff and Bette Burkett
Mrs. W. H. Burnap
Marty Wheeler Burnett
Dwight and Karen Burns
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Bussian
Anna B. Caflisch
Carolyn and Tom Caldwell
Christina Carroll
Mrs. Joyce P. Carson
Lou and Cathy Castellani
Robert and Winifred Catlin
L. E. Chapman, Jr., M.D.
Rosine Chappell
Mr. and Mrs. David Chester
Ricardo A. Chona
Dr. and Mrs. Sheng-Yi Chuang
Darlene Clark
Polly G. Clark
Wayne Clark
Donald D. Clayton
Marilyn and Gilbert Cohen
Dr. Joseph Colquhoun
Rosemary K. Comstock
Dr. Thomas Conroy
Rian and Sean Craypo
Shepard Curelop
Gertrude B. Dacres
Chandler Davidson
Edith B. Davidson
Alain G. Declert
Ellena Dickerson
Mary Dodson
Mrs. Frederick G. Dorsey
Walton L. Duffey
Barbara Eaves
M. J. Ende, M.D.
Arlene Estle
Dr. and Mrs. C. Paul Falls
Henry Fisher, Jr.
Marcia Forbes
Michael and Sabina Frank
Marion M. Freeman
Drs. Shirley and Zvi Friedman
Dr. and Mrs. Mickey Frost
Mihaela Luminita Frusina
Austen H. Furse III
Dr. Junko Ueno Garrett
Harry and Diane Gendel
Lila Gene George
Dolores Russell Goble
Joanne Goff
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Gordon
Dr. Robert M. Gordon and
Ms. Audrey Meltzer
W. Malcolm Granberry
Soni Gross
Deena T. Grossman
Shirley Dittert Grunert
Elizabeth Guevara
Carmen C. Halden
Mrs. Arthur E. Hall
Alan and Julie Halpern
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Hanks
Jan Harasim
John W. Harding
David Harper
Mark and Adrienne Hartman
Dorothy Haskell
Helen and Sandy Havens
Roger and Inge Heller
Howard and Ann Hendrix
Mark and Ragna Henrichs
Mr. and Mrs. Roy M. Horlock
Mr. and Mrs. William N. Hoyer
Duane Hulbert
Bert and Judy Hungerford
Brian James
Bertha Gray Jamison
Barbara H. Johnson
Burdine Johnson
Dr. Rita Justice
Jennie S. Karotkin
Ann Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Kelley, Jr.
Mrs. Franklin B. Kenter
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Kiersted
Tomas and Marcella Klima
John and Carol Akers Klug
Ruth Kosieracki
John and Lisa Lacci
Florence and Bob Lait
Thomas H. and Eddis H. Laity
Donald W. Lane ‘61 and Joanne E. Lane ‘60
Maxine and Herman Lapin
Frances Leland
Inga-Lill Leon
Bernard Levy
June Levy
Jessica K. Lewis
Anne and Michael Licopantis
Joanne Lin
Wini Lipsey
Leslie Loddeke
Faye Lott
Mr. and Mrs. Carl MacDowell
Don and Mary Julia Macune
Karim Marani
Ellen Marino
Earle and Kristi S. Martin
Kelly Martino
Allen and Rosalynn Matusow
Margaret Mays
Nami and Robert McCown
Mrs. William Hogg McDugald
Rev. Dr. Melinda V. McLain
Nicolo Messana
Letitia and Eugene Miller
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Murphy
Donall Myers
David and Lois Nance
Virginia Nance
George Neece
Deborah Nelson-Campbell
Rick Newlin
Mark Niu
Danilo Novoa
Dr. and Mrs. M. David Odle
Paul and Sue Ofield
Dr. Susan Snider Osterberg
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Payne
Mrs. Warren T. Perkins
Barbara Phillips
Donna Pierce
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Pirtle
Hally B. W. Poindexter
Dorothy and Michael Porter
Dr. William Lee Pryor
Lillian Rachlin
Catherine Ramirez, D.M.A.
Grace Ricciardi
R. N. Rich
David Richards
Judy Ritts
Antoinette L. Robbins
Jay and Elise Roueche
Robert Roux
Kathi Rovere
Charles and Shirley Roxburgh
Emily D. and Thomas C. Ryan
Dave and Colleen Sarles
Hugh and Rosemary Saye
Mr. and Mrs. William Russell Scheirman II
David and Doris Schneider
Susie and Robert Schoepf
Diana Frosch Schoolman
Dr. and Mrs. Herman J. Schultz
Margot S. Schurig
Dorry and Carroll Shaddock
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Shatto
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shearouse
Craig and Ann Shepard
Gordana and Samuel Shuman
Betty Joyce Sikora
Cindy and Ronald Silver
Michael Simko
Richard and Joan Spaw
Marie F. Speziale
Gretchen D. Stephens
Jeanette and Frank Stokes
Albert and Deborah Sy
Carolyn C. Taub
Mrs. Doris tenBrink Tessieri
Bradford Thomas
Mary Titus
Mary and Don Tobin
Maija Elizabeth Trevino
Kent Twyman and Dianne Yount
Mark Veary
Lawrence P. Venturato
Alvaro Villamizar
Brigitte Von Wolff
Anna Wahlborg
Jim and Margaret Walker
Charles Walter
Mrs. G. King Walters
C. Herb Ward
Harry T. and Antoinette S. Watson
Donna and H. W. Weinberg
Dotty Wells
Nancy Wohlenberg
Roy and Joan Wood
John and Deborah Pearson Woodhouse
Rhoda Workin
George and Dorey Zodrow
George Zombakis and Julietta Parra Ducote

Student and Young Alumni
Benjamin Brochstein
Andrew J. Griffin
Josh and Emily Kelly
Katina Mitchell